Hundreds of toys and cash donations for Toy Mountain were dropped off at locations from Orleans to Barrhaven during the first of three donation days this month.

CTV, Majic 100 and the Salvation Army have partnered to collect toys for the 16,000 children in need in our region this Christmas.

“It's the right thing to do to give someone else a Christmas present who may not get one this year,” said one child who donated a toy.

“I want my kids to realize that not everybody has stuff at Christmas time,” said Stacey McMullin.

Toys and donations were collected at Wal-Mart and Toys R’ Us locations in Orleans, Barrhaven, South Keys, Stittsville and at St. Laurent Shopping Centre.

Familiar personalities from all Bell Media Ottawa stations were on hand at the various locations to collect toys and cash donations.

 “We had a lady come by earlier today with a $100 bill,” said CTV Ottawa’s J.J. Clarke who was at Toys R’ Us in Stittsville.  “She said this was on behalf of her son because her son didn't want Christmas presents this year.”

CTV Ottawa’s Graham Richardson said the cold didn’t stop people from donating generously.

"Every little Johnny out there has the latest thing and you certainly don't want your child left out regardless of the circumstances so I think it's a great, simple idea. If you can, drop off a toy and help someone out who needs a little help.”

“Somebody had ‘Candy Land’ which was one of my favourite games… there was a bike inside,” said Sarah Anderson of 580 CFRA. “One family filled up an entire stroller full of toys to give to another family here in Ottawa."

With the donation bins filling up, there was even a little friendly competition to see which location collected the most toys.

Majic 100’s Stuntman Stu said his location in Barrhaven had the others beat.

“Barrhaven rocks! They're giving us toys, they're giving us cash and they're coming out!” he said.

Many people who donated said they do so each year.

“I have two children, they're now 16 and 20 and I've just always believed that it was important for them to give from the heart and have it mean something,” said Kerry Leclerc

“We know we have a lot of friends who are not as well off as we are this year so we always give a few to them and a few here and it goes to a good cause,” said Rick Kargus.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Katie Griffin