OTTAWA -- The city’s health unit is pleading with the public not to take out any displeasure with mandatory mask rules on store cashiers and other employees.

“We’d like to address something: mandatory masks were NOT ordered by the cashier at your grocery store,” Ottawa Public Health tweeted Wednesday morning.

“We understand some of you are upset, but please direct your feedback towards us & not at businesses/employees. Like masks, civility & respect are needed in public places.”

Masks became mandatory in indoor public spaces in the city of Ottawa on Tuesday.

In a statement, Ottawa Public Health said it has not received any formal complaints about outbursts toward store employees, but the health unit "pays close attention to the narratives posted on social media by members of our community.

"These narratives often guide our own social media communications. No formal complaints have been received by Ottawa Public Health."

Ottawa Police did not say whether they had received any complaints about people directing anger toward store employees about having to wear masks.

In other jurisdictions, confrontations regarding mask use have been caught on camera and spread widely.

In Florida, a Costco shopper who had an outburst after a woman asked him to wear a mask has been fired from his job at an insurance firm.

Ottawa Public Health noted their most recent survey showed the "vast majority" of Ottawa residents are willing to have cloth masks use made mandatory in stores.