OTTAWA -- The CHEO Dream of a Lifetime lottery has been the hottest ticket in town.

Tickets for the $4.2 million in prizes available in the lottery, including the CHEO Dream Home, officially sold out Wednesday evening.

For decades, it’s a natural seasonal flow in Ottawa; autumn means imagining yourself living in a different home--the CHEO Dream Home.

The elegant and brilliantly decorated home is the $2.8-million grand prize in the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery. Each year, a visit to the home, becomes a scheduled outing. 

"Dreamers" picture themselves cooking in the kitchen, reclining in the opulent bath, or nestled into the La-Z-boy furniture that just swallows you in comfort.

Some visit for the decorating ideas.

All visitors will tell you they are there to support the work at CHEO.

In a typical year there are 35,000 plus in-person visits.

As we know, this has not been a typical year.

Instead, traffic on the website has been beyond brisk, with almost 80,000 virtual tours.

That isn’t the only surprise.

The 2020 CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery is now the fastest-selling in history, officially selling out two days before the Early Bird deadline of Friday.

Dan Champagne of the CHEO Foundation is surprised the lottery sold out this fast, but is never surprised by the community's support of the hospital.

"This lottery means more than $5 million for research and new equipment," said Champagne.

"This money goes right to priority use in the hospital. We get it right into the hands of the doctors, and the technicians, and the researchers, the people who know to provide the best care possible for the children."

An early sell-out won’t be the only first.

"The 50-50 draw as part of the lottery will mean a $1 million cash prize for the lucky ticket holder," says Champagne with a surge of excitement for the "potential" winner whose life will change.

There are countless prizes, 7,142to be exact.  Cars, dream vacations, creative experience packages and prizes, many with local flare.

This year’s home, the star attraction, is "The Bohemian" in Minto’s Mahogany community in Manotick.   

The four-bedroom house is elegant yet warm.

Designer Tanya Collins, herself elegance and style in motion, seems to wave her magic design wand and perennially create that wow factor.

This year her design was BoHo chic.  She lived true to the"relaxed and laid-back" style-trend, maintaining a fluid approach, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Collins had to continually rethink her design based on supply availability.

She also made a downstairs gym a priority over the planned games room.

It says something when an almost five-thousand square foot home has a cozy feel.  

Collins used a mix of natural elements that were interestingly eclectic, earthy yet bold, to create that.

"It’s all about layers in this house.  You’ll see lots of warm textures with wood and baskets and macramé and wallpaper, there’s shiplap, wooden beams, it all adds up to give you an enveloped feel. It’s very warm and inviting," says Collins.

For Collins this project is about more than finishes and lighting, she acknowledges the meaning behind this home.

"It’s very rewarding. It’s for a good cause, and I feel really emotional talking about it. I have children and CHEO is such a huge support to the community.” 

There are other tickets available for the 50/50 jackpot which could land you $1.2 million!