A tight knit community packed a Merrickville restaurant Tuesday night, south of Ottawa, to celebrate the life of a man who died playing the game he loved.

Family and friends shared stories of 60-year-old Kirk Fachnie, and reflected on the special bond he shared with his young grandson who died of cancer in 2007.

Fachnie died February 12th, after hitting his head in a game of pick-up hockey on the frozen Rideau River near Kemptville.

“He loved hockey, cycling, kayaking, skiing…he loved them all,” Catheren Fachnie said about her husband of 40 years.

Fachnie shared his love of hockey with his first grandson Elgin Fraser.

Elgin died of cancer in 2007. He was just three-years-old.

Elgin was a huge Ottawa Senators fan, and his battle touched the team, and the entire city.

“I like to think that at the hospital Dad was kind of hanging on, and I talked to Elgin, and I said ‘Elgin, hold out your hand, and ask Papa to walk with you,’” said Victoria Fraser, Fachnie’s daughter and Elgin Fraser’s mother. “You take care of him; show him the ropes up there.”

Fachnie and Elgin used to enjoy playing hockey together.

“Papa bought him his hockey stick, took care of him, made sure he had what he needed for hockey, so that’s absolutely what they would be doing,” Fraser said.

Fachnie’s family is taking comfort in the fact that he was an organ donor. His lungs, kidneys, liver and heart have already been donated, and have helped save the lives of four people.

“Kirk has always made it very clear he wanted (to donate) his organs,” said Catheren Fachnie.

His family members have also signed up to be organ donors.

Fachnie’s family is now left with memories of a man they say always put family first,  loved being outside, and was an avid photographer.

“I guess there are a lot of things we each get from our parents, and I’ll be forever grateful for my passion for cycling and photography...and my bad hair,” said Fachnie’s daughter Julia O’Grady.

“I’ll miss him forever and my daughters will miss him forever,” said Catheren Fachnie. “I’m so proud of him.”