OTTAWA -- For years it has been an strictly American tradition: Black Friday sales sending hundreds of thousands of U.S. consumers to the malls hunting for bargains.

But other countries are taking up the tradition, especially online and especially Canadians.

According to online shopping giant and Ottawa high tech company Shopify, in all 24 hours of Black Friday sales, Canadians spent more per person than American consumers.

Shopify reports Americans spent $84.49 per person online, in US dollars. Canadians spent slightly more, at $93.15 per person online, in US dollars.

Shopify provided a statistical breakdown of which cities are the most active on Black Friday (New York City) the top products consumers are buying (apparel and accessories) and the percentage of cross border sales (20%).

Global data from Shopify merchants during Black Friday shows total sales made by Shopify merchants was $900+ million USD.  peak sales per minute which occurred at 3:01 PM ET with $1.5+ million USD. 

The peak sales hour in Canada was 11 AM EST.