An Ottawa couple is warning other dog owners about this allergy season after they say their four-year-old Yorkie went into anaphylactic shock this weekend.

On Sunday, Nadia Telford says she was walking her Yorkie, Benjamin, when he started suffering an allergy attack.

“All of a sudden he collapsed, he was completely limp, unresponsive, eyes glazed over just within a matter of seconds,” Telford said.

It was her partner, Adrien Fung, who recognized the dog was having breathing troubles as well.

“I have asthma so I started realizing he was wheezing – his throat closing,” Fung said.

The couple says they rushed Benjamin to the Alta Vista Animal Hospital where he was treated. They say the veterinarian told them the pup was the third dog treated for severe allergies that night.

Telford and Fung were told it could have been an insect bite or something the dog breathed in that sent it into anaphylaxis.

Following a wet spring and delayed bloom the doctor suggested several allergens were active right now.

A different veterinarian working today told CTV News that she hasn’t noticed a spike in cases but says many animals suffer from allergies this time of year.

“The grass comes out, the pollen on the trees, the flowers blooming,” said Dr. Victoria Bamberger, listing things that can lead to allergies.

Dr. Bamberger said if an animal is experiencing breathing issues, swelling or vomiting to bring it into the animal clinic.

The couple says they will be bringing Benadryl with them on future walks. They also encourage other dog owners to speak with their veterinarian about the right dosage of medication for their pet in case of an emergency.