An Ottawa radio station has banned country superstar Carrie Underwood's music from its airwaves in protest of Mike Fisher's trade to the Nashville Predators.

The Sens announced the trade on Thursday, creating a buzz across the city.

105.3 KISS-FM says it doesn't blame Underwood for the trade, but says the radio station had to do something to show its disdain.

"As Ottawa residents, we feel this is a betrayal to our community. We know Mike Fisher is not to blame for this trade but feel he was lured away from Ottawa by a country music superstar," reads a statement from the radio station.

"Sure, she's pretty. Yes, she can sing. But can she play hockey? Can she put one top shelf with a slap shot? No!"

To protest the trade, the radio station promises to no longer play Underwood's music on the radio. They say most of their listeners support them.

Fisher, 30, has played his entire NHL career with the Ottawa Senators. He was drafted in 1998.