East of Ottawa, the city of Clarence-Rockland will consider declaring a state of emergency as flood waters swallow homes along the river.

While the river water is taking, it is also giving back.  In all the years Christian Pigeon has lived along the Ottawa River, he has seen some weird things float by.  But on Sunday, a 50-foot dock bumped into their shoreline; they managed to snag and tie up while they try to reunite it with its owner.

You'd think from a certain angle, that the 50-foot dock is connected to Christian Pigeon's property. 

It is, in a sense, but tied off with just a simple piece of rope.

Pigeon was outside with friends on Sunday at his property in Wendover backing onto the Ottawa River when the dock came floating by and bumped into his shoreline, one of five to float downstream in a span of two hours.

Pigeon figures the dock is a commercial one because its length, probably worth about $10,000.

“I believe the guy that owns it would really want it back,” says Pigeon, “They're expensive to build.”

Pigeon says he's reached out to the police and to homeowners all along the shore to find out who owns this dock, but so far no luck.

Further upstream in Clarence Rockland, Pierre Huot has dragged a boat onto his property off Rue Voisine for safe keeping.  But right now, he's got other worries on his mind; saving his house. 

“It's stressful,” says Huot, “Every day, I sleep right there, my bed is right there so I watch the river and get up to see if the water is rising.”

“Just hopefully it doesn't come up to 2017,” says John Bellai, who lives next door to Huot, “and if it comes up to 2017 we'll have a lot more work to do.”

Several houses are at risk of flooding and the mayor will consider declaring a state of emergency.

“We'll get it in action,” says Guy Desjardins, the mayor of Clarence-Rockland, “If our residents are in trouble, we'll be there for them.”

As for Pierre Huot, he has lived his life along the river but figures maybe it's time to leave.

“It's very stressful and we're getting older,” he says as he gazes across the water, “That’s a question mark right now.”

Certainly those are questions being raised in the minds of many folks tonight.  Living along the river can be paradise but as many well know, that paradise has a slippery slope.