Ottawa Police have charged two men in relation to a Tuesday morning shooting at an apartment building on Jasmine Crescent.

No one was injured in the shooting, but a single bullet shot from a fourth-floor unit pierced the floor and travelled into the apartment below.

Michael Gayle, 27, has been charged with firearms and drug offences. Alexandre McCarron, 20, was charged with a single firearms offence. Both men are from Ottawa and scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

The shooting but it rocked an already sensitive neighbourhood that has seen its share of murders in recent months.

The incident ended quickly and peacefully with the arrest of two young men. But for the residents of 1993 Jasmine Crescent, it was a terrifying few hours of uncertainty and confusion.

“I was like, “what’s going on on Jasmine again,” says one tenant named Tanya, “This is the third time, you know what I mean?”

Ottawa Police responded to calls this morning from a resident about a bullet that had ripped through the ceiling of their apartment from the apartment above. 

Inspector Jamie Dunlop speaks for Ottawa Police, “Two individuals were inside the apartment at that time and they're in custody and I can't say they will be charged with any offence until the investigation is completed.”

Police evacuated many of the residents in the building as a precaution, banging on doors early in the morning.  Tanya fled with her dog in tow.

"I've been living here for 5 years,” she says, “I've lived in the projects, where it’s a “mind your own business” kind of thing but enough is enough, you know?”

The Guns and Gangs unit is now involved and police were waiting for a warrant to search the apartment for the weapon. 

Sadly, a police presence along Jasmine Crescent is almost becoming routine.  Fortunately no one was injured in this shooting but there have been three murders in the area in a little over a year.

In March of this year, 20 year old Nooredin Hassan was gunned down right outside Lester B. Pearson highschool.

Last April, 18 year old Connor Stevenson was murdered in the stairwell of his apartment.  Five months later, 17 year old Issaiah Clachar was killed.

Connor Stevenson's mother, Laurie Beaudoin, still lives in the apartment where her son died and doesn't want to leave.

“I feel his presence here,” she says, as she softly cries.

Stevenson says it is not the neighbourhood, which she believes has improved in recent months.

“It's a perfect area but it's these thugs that come around and make a bad name for it.”

But resident Eneve Monchery isn't taking any chances with her two boys.

“I was looking for a place to move before this happened but I’m really going to focus, really focus to get out with my boys,” she says.