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The 10 busiest photo radar cameras in Ottawa so far in 2023


Photo radar cameras caught an average of 627 speeders a day on Ottawa roads in October, as the extra sets of eyes on the road continue to detect speeders in school zones and community safety zones.

New statistics show Ottawa's 28 photo radar cameras issued 19,445 tickets for speeding in October.

The busiest camera was on Cedarview Road in Barrhaven, with 2,586 speeding tickets issued during the 31 days in October.

The camera on St. Laurent Boulevard, between Noranda Avenue and Clarke Avenue, caught 2,152 speeders in October, while the camera on Fisher Avenue, between Deer Park Road and Kintyre Private, issued 1,654 tickets during the month.

Photo radar cameras issued 165,015 speeding tickets to Ottawa drivers in the first 10 months of the year, according to city of Ottawa data. Eighteen of the city's 28 cameras have been in operation since the start of the year, while one camera has not issued any tickets.

A total of 27,655 tickets were issued by photo radar cameras in July, 29,857 tickets in August and 24,618 speeding tickets in September.

Photo radar cameras issued 127,939 tickets in 2022.

The photo radar camera on Fisher Avenue, between Deer Park Road and Kintyre Private, has issued the highest number of tickets in the first 10 months of the year, with 21,162 tickets issued for speeding. The camera on St. Laurent Boulevard is second at 20,739 tickets, while the camera on Ogilvie Road has issued 12,471 tickets.

The city of Ottawa launched the Automated Speed Enforcement program in July 2020, with cameras initially installed in eight school zones. All revenue generated from the program supports Ottawa's Road Safety Action Plan, which focuses on making roads safer for all users. The fine is based on the speed of the driver.

Ottawa plans to install 32 new photo radar cameras by the end of 2024, including cameras on Bronson Avenue near Carleton University, on Riverside Drive near Mooney's Bay and on Hunt Club Road.

Here is a look at the top 10 automated speed enforcement cameras in the January to October period

  1. Fisher Avenue, between Deer Park Road and Kintyre Private – 21,162 tickets
  2. St. Laurent Boulevard, between Noranda Avenue and Clarke Avenue – 20,739 tickets
  3. Ogilvie Road, between Appleford Street and Elmlea Gate – 12,471 tickets
  4. Bayshore Drive, near 50 Bayshore Drive – 11,149 tickets
  5. Cedarview Road, near Cedarview Middle School – 9,945 tickets (August to October)  
  6. Katimavik Road, between Castlefrank Road and McGibbon Drive – 9,772 tickets
  7. Woodroffe Avenue, between Georgina Drive and Hwy. 417 – 9,119 tickets
  8. Smyth Road, between Haig Drive and Edgecomb Street – 8,754 tickets
  9. Kanata Avenue, between Goulbourn Forced Road and Walden Drive – 8,602 tickets
  10. Alta Vista Drive, between Ayers Avenue and Ridgemont Avenue – 8,401 tickets Top Stories

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