OTTAWA -- As people use more sanitation wipes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a top city official is issuing a fresh warning not to flush them down the toilet.

“We are seeing an increase in wipes in the sewer system,” Alain Gonthier, Ottawa’s director of infrastructure services, tweeted Saturday morning. “These can clog sewers and pumps.

“Do NOT flush anything that isn't the 3Ps - pee, poo or (toilet) paper. Put wipes in the garbage.”

The sale and use of sanitation wipes is spiking because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cities across Canada are seeing a spike in sewer clogs because residents are flushing the wrong things down, including cleaning wipes and even rubber gloves.

The city says even products advertised as 'flushable' shouldnt' be disposed of in the toilet.

"In reality, items such as baby wipes, makeup remover cloths and disinfectant wipes do not decompose in the sanitary sewer system," a notice on the city's website says. "Flushing this material causes damage to the sewer system and may cause sewer backups in your home."