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Stittsville woman getting permit to keep Little Library closer to sidewalk


It’s a positive plot twist for a Stittsville woman who was ordered to move her Little Library box farther back onto her property because of a bylaw complaint. She could soon be able return it closer to the street.

Wendy Chaytor had set up the Little Library on the lawn of her Amethyst Crescent home last August, welcoming neighbours to pick a book to read or leave a book for someone else to enjoy. She received a letter from the city in May saying she had to move the Little Library back 4.3 metres or face a fine for violating the city’s use and care of roads bylaw.

Chaytor said she found it sad that someone would complain to Ottawa Bylaw about it, but complied with the request and moved the Little Library onto her front porch.

She told CTV News Ottawa on Monday that Stittsville Coun. Glen Gower had contacted Ottawa Bylaw on her behalf and came up with a solution.

“I will be able to get a permit to mount the library on a stand and return it to its original position,” she wrote. “This way, the library can be moved if necessary for any road work/maintenance that may come up. I’m still waiting to get the details on applying for the permit, but with luck, our library will be back in business very soon.”

Gower had told CTV News Ottawa on Sunday that he would be working with Ottawa Bylaw on a compromise.

"These little libraries are great additions to our Stittsville communities. We have more and more popping up in the city," Gower said. "There's even a mini art gallery on West Ridge in Stittsville. It's something we should be encouraging and not restricting."

--With files from CTV News Ottawa’s Josh Pringle and Colton Praill. Top Stories

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