OTTAWA -- There is still no firm date to have service resume on the Confederation Line LRT, but the City of Ottawa says testing on the paralyzed line is proceeding.

A memo from Transit Services General Manager Renée Amilcar said the city is still aiming for a partial return to service within the first two weeks of November, with seven trains running and two spares available.

Nov. 1 was the date the Rideau Transit Group had initially set for the resumption of service on the line, but their return to service plan is being vetted by the independent Transportation Research Associates (TRA) group.

"As of (Monday) morning, 11 trains (22 single cars) have been inspected, with nine trains (18 single cars) tested to date under the oversight of Transportation Research Associates (TRA)," Amilcar wrote. "The entire rail fleet continues to progress through the detailed safety certification process and the track and related infrastructure repairs are undergoing the final validation and assessments required to enable a return to revenue service."

Amilcar said she expects that a two-day test of the full line will take place before the end of this week.

"During this time, the public will see multiple trains operating across the entire system, stopping at stations, making announcements and simulating regular revenue service operations," she said.

The Confederation Line has been out of service since Sept. 19, when an LRT car derailed at Tremblay Station and continued west along the track before stopping near Riverside Drive. The derailed train damaged the car, the track and the LRT infrastructure.

In a memo last week, City Manager Steve Kanellakos said RTG provided a target date of Nov. 29 for full service to resume, which includes 15 trains during the morning rush period and 13 cars in the afternoon. He added, however, that the city anticipates a return to full service by mid-December, because RTG's plans are subject to validation of the vehicle inspection program by TRA and the City.

Trains began testing on the line last Wednesday.