OTTAWA -- Halloween is more than three weeks away, which should provide plenty of time to head to the store and scare up your home with creepy decorations. But if your plan was to purchase a giant, 12- foot skeleton, you’re dead out of luck.

The massive skeleton from Home Depot has gone viral and it’s every Halloween-enthusiasts must have item for 2021, but it’s sold out.

And while this may seem supernatural, there are three skeletons within a 500 meter radius, in the neighbourhood of Leslie Park in Ottawa On.. Perhaps, they are forming an army of the dead, or it’s simply good timing.

“We checked Home Depot’s website every day,” says Anthony Taza, who eventually found the last remaining skeleton in the region, which was picked up in Cornwall. “We love the joy it brings to the neighbourhood - We’re a very tight neighbourhood here.”

About five houses down the road, Glen Lafontaine’s skeleton is setup as well, which took about an hour to assemble.

“We got it early in September because they’re always sold out after every holiday,” says Lafontaine. “Absolutely it’s one of my most favourite times of the year, kids love it, we always get lots of kids stopping by going that’s awesome or can I touch it.” Only if you want to turn into ice!

Just around the corner, there’s one more, that belongs to the Delgrosso family.

“It was sometime in mid-August, me and my mom came outside and it was just there on the driveway,” says Cameron Delgrosso, whose father had made the summer time buy after he missed out on the previous year. “People love this thing, we have the neighbours coming by every night just to see the big skeleton, I couldn’t stop laughing that thing is so funny it’s a 12 foot skeleton.”

The Home Depot exclusive ornament costs $398, and has glowing eyes that follow those who dare to pass by. While you’re unlikely to find one this year, or perhaps waiting for what will certainly be next year’s viral hit, it’s friend, the Inferno Pumpkin, which is currently only available in the United States. Still, there are some alternatives. 

Towering Boogey Animated Halloween Prop - Amazon $479.79

Give the neighborhood folks a scare with the Towering Boogeyman! This animated Halloween prop with sound effects is an intimidating 7 feet tall and features a skeleton wearing a tattered black outfit holding a child that screams and flails about. The skeleton's eyes light up, his head and torso turn from side-to-side as he laughs disturbingly

12 Ft. Airblown Colour-Changing Ghost Halloween Inflatable - Party City $49.99

Colour-Changing Ghost Halloween Inflatable is a fun and spooky way to greet your neighbours and trick-or-treaters. Lights up and changes colour, inflates in seconds and plugs into a standard outlet. 

7 Ft. Inferno Reaper - Home Depot $248.00

This Reaper character has servo head motor which makes is head movement more realistic than other items. The eyes and chest flicker with a fiery glow. His sickle stands tall in his hand.