OTTAWA -- Residents are answering the call to help others as fears spread due to COVID-19.

With businesses closing and growing calls from health officials for social distancing, Amanda Cooke, who has been isolated for months because of an autoimmune disorder, can't get a haircut.

Cooke needs a haircut, because her medications are causing it to fall out.

"I haven't had a haircut since August," says Cooke. "I reached out to the community page on Facebook in Embrun"

Isabelle Paquette answered her call. She wants to do whatever she can, to highlight the importance of helping each other to in times of distress.

"If you do just a little bit of kindness hopefully it spreads and we can change the way things are."

Paquette's not alone.

On Twitter, Ottawa pharmacist Mohamed Ali offering to shop, deliver and answer prescription questions for seniors.  

"My main goal is to help our community during this challenging time," said Ali in an email to CTV Ottawa.