Halloween and its candy isn't the healthiest of holidays, but thousands donned their costumes a week early and went jogging Sunday to raise money for the Ottawa Hospital.

The eighteenth annual Rattle Me Bones run raised $87,332 for arthritis and orthopedic developments while giving participants a chance to run in something other than a t-shirt and shorts.

"Exhausting and exhilarating, The two E's," said ten-kilometre runner Mark White.

"We've never done Rattle Me Bones so we just wanted to dress up and come out here," said another runner.

The Ottawa Hospital said money from the run goes towards programs that are already in the works.

"An example may be the robotic surgery program, we've recently introduced a robot that we'll be starting to use next week," said Kent Woodhall, director of surgery at the hospital. "It's $5 million so some of this funding is very important for projects like that."

The Rattle Me Bones run has raised $840,000 since it began.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefanie Masotti