OTTAWA -- Forty-nine days before Christmas, Ottawa residents are enjoying a late taste of summer.

Environment Canada's forecast calls for above seasonal temperatures and sunshine through the weekend, making people forget the calendar says November.

"It really just kind of postpones the winter weather," says David Phillips, Environment Canada's senior climatologist.

The temperature hit 18C on Friday afternoon, one day after it warmed up to 19C on Thursday.

"November is usually the gloomiest month. The clouds are abundant, there's very little sunshine, we see more wet days then dry days. This is the time when you forget summer and you look for winter, that's really what November is about," said Phillips during an interview on CTV Morning Live Friday.

"What we're seeing here is eight days in a row with temperature that are going to be double-digit positive with abundant sunshine, from wall-to-wall. It's truly remarkable."

Phillips says a Bermuda high has parked over the eastern part of the United States and is pushing the warm air northward, while weather systems over the top of Ontario are also pulling the warm air into the area.

"Giving us this kind of a taste of summer here in a month that should be more winter," said Phillips.

Here is a look at the Environment Canada forecast:

  • Tonight: A few clouds. Low 8C.
  • Saturday: A mix of sun and cloud. High 19C
  • Sunday: A mix of sun and cloud. High 18C
  • Monday: Sunny. High 19C
  • Tuesday: A mix of sun and cloud. High 21C.
  • Wednesday: Rain. High 16C.

Phillips says while the warm weather stretch will end, don't expect a sudden arrival of cold weather and snow.

"What you see is what you're likely to get for the next little while. Even when all this warmth disappears, it's only going to get seasonal, it's not going to punish you with the polar vortex," said Phillips.

"So, our models are saying the first part of winter, say November into December, is going to be milder than normal."