The colours of a hockey rink are usually white for the ice, red and blue for the lines and goal and black for the puck.

One local hockey team is adding a major infusion of colour for what’s becoming an annual Pink the Rink event for breast cancer awareness.

“It affects so many people and some women are afraid to come out and say ‘You know what, I have breast cancer,'” said Alison Mackenzie of the Nepean Junior Wildcats.

“I think by doing this we're making it more aware and we're also trying to help raise money."

The girls team geared up with pink goalie pads, sticks, headbands and hot pink nails for their morning game at Carleton University.

Their first Pink the Rink game was held last year.

"We're just trying to support the cause and find a cure,” said Addi Halladay.

“We're raising money, we're selling bracelets, we're taping our sticks, taping pads, taping bags, all the pink that we can get."

“I think it's great for the community that they’re doing this,” said head coach Bruce MacDonald.

“We want to be part of the community, we want to help out wherever we can and I think the girls are trying to show that for such a good cause.”

The Canadian Cancer Society says breast cancer is the most common cancer for Canadian woman, with over 22,000 women being diagnosed a year and 5,000 dying of it annually.

“Probably 12 people in my family have been affected by breast cancer, it’s very heartfelt to me,” said Debbie Campbell. “Everybody’s supporting it and it’s wonderful.”

The game raised about $200 and Nepean won 4-0.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Katie Griffin