In the lead up to Valentine's Day, the town of Pembroke, Ont. has been named the second sexiest town in Canada, while Ottawa ranks as the third sexiest city.

The rankings were assembled by, an online Canadian retailer of adult novelty products.

Classifying towns and cities as areas with less or more than 300,000 people respectively, ranked each place based on the most adult toys sold per person in 2021.

At For Your Eyes Only, an adult novelty store just outside of Pembroke, owner Julien Eady says given the popular line of work in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, the ranking is only natural.

"With us being a military town and a lot of the military members going on leave, a lot of the toys have been super popular," Eady says, admitting she was shocked by the ranking.

Eady says with most people staying home with their significant other over the last two years, sales have gone up.

"A lot of my customers do like to come in and shop in store and I have been super busy since the beginning of the pandemic," Eady tells CTV News Ottawa.

"Pembroke has a lot of not so nice titles, but this is a great one," says Hazel Smith, manager at Chahna Fai and Church Street Flowers on Pembroke's Main Street.

"We have a lot of things going on," says Smith. "We have Rise Above Studios, they have pole fitness and aerial sports. We have quite a few flower stores; we have a lot of great restaurants."

With Valentine's Day less than two weeks away, Smith adds she can feel the love in Pembroke.

"The card messages are really cute this year, I've got to say," says the flower store manager, as she assembles Valentine's Day bouquets. "Got to hand it to the guys that I've spoken to so far, they're doing a good job."

Rounding out the top three for sexiest towns was Colwood, B.C. in first place and Courtenay, B.C. In third. Calgary and Surrey, B.C. Ranked as the top two sexiest cities in Canada.