An Ottawa teen’s photo is going viral after posting her photoshoot with an elderly woman.

Marhi Smith was out with her friends taking selfies inside a casino washroom, when the woman came up to the teens to complement their clothing, and then offered to take their photo.

“She was just so nice and she was like, ‘I miss going out with my girlfriends, like we would get dressed up and have so much fun,’” Smith said.

Those words touched the girls’ hearts and Smith said without thinking about it, they invited the woman to join the photoshoot.

“I told her we’re all here – you are our girlfriend. So she came in for the pictures and she was more photogenic than us, she was loving it, and it was just so much fun,” smith added.

The girls chatted with the woman and her husband before saying their goodbyes, but they never caught her name.  

Smith said later posted the photos online to show her friends. Since Sunday, the photo has been retweeted more than 75 thousand times and times more than 255 thousand times.

“I just saw the picture and it made me smile, and I was thinking ‘oh my girlfriends will love this’, like 20 likes, 30 likes, and then it just blew up.”

The simple act has touched many who are taking to twitter to share positive messages.

Smith’s friend Morgan Sheppard, who is also in the photos, said that she never expected such a large reaction from the photo, but she is glad it’s spreading happiness.

“We need more positivity like that, everybody is so negative all the time, and it’s just to show that no matter what age, or who you are, or what’s going on, you can always include somebody, no matter what you know,” Sheppard said.

Now the girls are hoping someone recognizes the woman in the photo so the group can reunite.

It would be really nice to track this lady down and get to know her, and let her know, look you’re internet famous right now,” Sheppard said.

For now the girls are waiting.