OTTAWA -- Thirty people gathered in Vincent Massey Park along the Rideau River to take part in the Relief Run for Lebanon.

The five kilometre run organized by the Mosque of Mercy and the AMA Community Centre hoped to raise $10,000 by Saturday night.

The funds are to help the victims of the explosion that damaged a large section of Beirut two weeks ago, killing more than 170 people including two Canadians.

Organizer Hadi El Mais says that with 300,000 people homeless in Beirut, the situation is desperate.  El Mais adds the Canadian government will match every dollar raised for relief efforts in Beirut.

"I'm an immigrant. I’ve been in Canada for seven years, I recently became a dual citizen,” El Mais said.

"My entire family is there so I’m concerned for them. My dream is to have my dual citizenship and a duel residency where I can make connections between Canada and Lebanon, at this point that dream is shattered there is no hope in going back to Lebanon right now."

To comply with the COVID-19 restrictions, the Relief Run for Lebanon was limited to 30 runners and everyone had to wear masks and observe the social distancing requirements.

Runners registered had their temperatures taken and were offered gloves and sanitizer.

If you would like more information or to donate you can, visit the Relief Run for Lebanon website.