A group that goes by the name "Cluck Ottawa" is fighting for the right to raise chickens in backyards across the city.

A city bylaw currently bans chickens from urban settings. That's because chickens are considered livestock.

However, CLUCK -- an acronym for Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub -- is in favour of using chickens as backyard food producers.

"We lived in town -- a lot probably about 50 by 100 feet -- and we always had 15 to 20 chickens. And like I said, it was less waste than a dog," said Jeff Cosman, an urban chicken supporter.

When it comes to caring for chickens in winter, advocates say there's a special breed for that.

"There's actually a Canadian breed called the Chantecler that was actually bred over a number of years to withstand Canadian winters, so it is doable," said Lyssa Rhodes.

Organizers are currently in the early stages of their fight. They are now looking into concerns about smell, noise, disease and disposing dead hens.

The group says it will wait until after Ottawa's municipal election to push for the change.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes