Ottawa gas prices soared past the $2 a litre benchmark for the first time ever on Saturday, leaving motorists fuming, and prices only went higher Sunday.

"Makes me sick, sick to my stomach," said a motorist filling up Saturday afternoon.

Ottawa stations were selling gasoline for 202.9 cents a litre on Saturday, setting a new record for gas prices.  Prices increased five cents a litre overnight.

By Sunday morning, many stations were up another six cents to 208.9 cents a litre.

"I mean it’s shocking, but I guess I feel it is what it is," said a motorist.

Gas prices surpassed $2 a litre from Ottawa to Kingston to Toronto on Saturday.

Motorists admit the record high fuel prices will force them to change their driving habits this summer.

"If my wife’s going where I’m going we’ll join up and take my car because it’s tidier on fuel consumption," said a motorist.

"It will be less travel, the gas is crazy so we stay home," said another motorist.

While another driver told CTV’s Jeremie Charron they will stay close to home.

"I’m not going anywhere this summer. Just moving to my new apartment and I’m saving money for gas and food because everything is rising now."

Canadians for Affordable Energy President Dan McTeague says the soaring price is the result of a perfect storm of issues.

"Welcome to the new reality of less supply, tightness of supply, a weak Canadian dollar and high taxes all make for a pretty devastating and potent combination," McTeague told Newstalk 580 CFRA's Ottawa at Work with Leslie Roberts on Friday.

One year ago, gas was selling for $1.24 a litre in Ottawa. In 2020, a litre of gas cost Ottawa motorists 83 cents.

McTeague predicts gas prices could rise to $2.10 a litre by the Victoria Day long weekend.

"The sad reality of this is that this is going to lead to pretty damaging consequences for the global economy."