Ottawa firefighters were able to rescue two men and a dog from quick moving waters in Manotick Monday afternoon.

The dog had run out onto the ice near South River Drive and fell through. The two men, one 25 and one 55, followed and also became trapped in the Rideau River.

A rescue team arrived just after 5 p.m. The two people were conscious but unable to get themselves out of the water. The dog had managed to climb onto an ice shelf but also needed to be rescued.

Both people were out of the water and safely back on shore by 5:15 p.m. The dog, however, remained on the ice shelf, which broke free and began moving down the river. However, using a boat, firefighters were able to reach the dog and safely bring it back to shore as well.

Ottawa paramedics said both men were taken to hospital with mild hypothermia symptoms.

Much of the ice on bodies of water, such as the Rideau River, has been melting in recent days with above-average high temperatures and the arrival of spring. Public safety officials warn the public that no ice is safe ice this time of year and to exercise caution around all bodies of water.

The Ottawa Fire Service shared several videos in a Twitter thread Monday night.