OTTAWA -- Everyone is looking to find things to do while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Whether it’s catching up on chores, reading a book, or just having fun, it’s important to stay busy.

Lani Sommers helped her 8-year-old son Lukas fight boredom by attacking viruses, “I decided to have them make their own little coronaviruses.  And they coloured them in and hung them; my son’s birthday was on Friday the 13th and he got some new nerf guns.”

The family made pretend coronaviruses using paper plates and hung them in the basement.

Lukas then shot at them with a Nerf Gun, “it lasted all of about 5 seconds until my son broke one, but it was a little bit of time - they coloured for half an hour, so there’s that”

Keeping busy is a task for the whole family.  Nancy Kawaja posted a cross-fit video with her son and daughter to Twitter.  

The family’s dog Angus joined in, causing laughter.   “We have created a bit of a make-shift gym in our basement, so that we’re all able to maintain wellness in our minds, as well as our bodies while we’re at home.”

Some families are staying busy by have a theme for each day of the week.  

Alison Kinahan is wearing green, after her daughter decided on a St. Patrick’s Day theme for today.

“She’s already got ideas about next week, she’s going to up her game and try more of the kindness piece, reaching out to people.”

Jamie O’Hare has turned the basement of his Stittsville home into a hockey rink.  

His 9-year-old son missed being at the rink, so they used plastic skating tiles to build one.     

“A couple of months ago we bought the tiles; we thought this would be a great idea in the basement... with the COVID with had the time and we decided to ramp it up a little bit.”