Ontario Provincial Police officers will be patrolling roads and waterways this long weekend.

Sgt. Byron Newell and his officers spent Friday afternoon on the waters of Rideau ferry near Perth cracking down on unsafe boaters un what's been a deadly start to the summer. 10 people have died in 2019; 24 people lost their lives across Ontario in 2019.

“Alcohol and impaired driving and PFDs, life jackets,” said Sgt. Newell. “Just want to make sure they have all the appropriate safety equipment as well.”  

One boater, with three children on board was one of few out on the water who had proper working equipment and identification in-hand.

“I've seen lots of accidents or close calls on the water. I don't think everyone really realizes how dangerous the water can be,” said Jonathan Hull.

“We get complaints about jet skiers coming too close to other boats or jumping wakes or stuff like that. Remember there is careless driving; there is dangerous driving as well,” said Sgt. Newell.

According to police, one boater failed to have a working fire extinguisher on the boat, while another failed to have enough life jackets on board. Boaters were fined for the offences. A $240 ticket was issued for not a third life jacket. Police said any subsequent missing life jackets come with an additional $100 fine.

OPP along with The Canadian Safe Boating Council teamed up to reduce impaired boating deaths this long weekend with the launch of Operation Dry Water.

Police said on roadways, there will be an increased focus on inattentive driving; particularly drivers failing to move over for emergency vehicles. Police have handed out nearly 2000 tickets in the last year to drivers who failed to allow enough space for police and other first responders working on highways and roads.