Running for Ottawa's top job? Yep, there's an app for that. For about $4,000, Mayor Larry O'Brien got his very own iPhone application -- just a touch away from everything including his schedule to social networking sites.

"Old fashion hand-shaking still happens. But we like to get out the information electronically," says O'Brien.

"The young adults, they'll use it. They'll spread it along to their friends, and it will engage a lot of the younger people. I get that all the time when I'm walking around the Market. Younger people get it."

Students voice their support

One group of Carleton students agree, saying going electronic gets their attention.

"For my generation, younger people, lawn signs aren't doing it for me. None of us own property," says Andrew Retfalvi. 

"It's just easier. I found out on the app store. I search Larry O'Brien, it's easy. I can find out where he is all the time."

Viral videos, tweeting on transit

Others are using viral video to be heard.

Capital Ward candidate David Chernushenko's spoof of an old spice commercial has gotten thousands of hits, while mayoral Candidate Jim Watson is combining his campaign strategies: a YouTube video outlining the importance of lawn signs.

And what about tweeting Mayoral Candidate Clive Doucet on taxes or transit?

As voters cast their ballots on this first advanced voting day, you can be sure other candidates will be launching their tech election tools in the near future.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua