The Ontario Provincial Police said Friday they have finished investigating the Stacy Bonds cell block incident involving the Ottawa Police Service, and no further charges will be laid.

This investigation was launched after the Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU) finished its nearly four-month investigation into the Stacy Bonds incident.

That investigation finished with sexual assualt charges against Ottawa police officer Steven Desjourdy.

Ottawa police said this OPP investigation into the last of six cell block incidents began on March 15 and added no misconduct was found either.

"I would like to thank the Ontario Provincial Police for conducting this investigation in an objective, thorough and professional way," said Ottawa Police Chief Vern White in a news release.

This follows the investigation of the first five incidents, which wrapped up March 25. In that case, no charges were laid but one count of misconduct was found.

The circumstances of the misconduct were not released by Ottawa police but two civilian members were disciplined internally.

Ottawa police said further information will not be released as the matter is still before the SIU and the court.

They did refer to the amount of "significant changes" to cellblock operations, with reviews of those operations continuing.