A memorial is growing in Vanier for a woman who was struck and killed by a truck early Friday morning.

A sign at the intersection of Marier Avenue and Deschamps Avenue reads, "Rest with the Angels" and "We love you, you are at peace now."

"We were so angry about what happened to her that we thought at the very least we would come and put some flowers here, something for her remembrance," said Charlotte Taylor, who lives around the corner from where the fatality happened at Marier and Deschamps avenues.

She says she often saw the woman in the neighbourhood. 

"It’s very tragic, a life was lost and it’s doubly tragic that it was lost in the way that it was," said Taylor.

Police say the truck hit the woman at the intersection around 5:45 a.m. Friday. Ottawa paramedics say she died at the scene.

"This is something that’s very hard to discuss with anybody and you can’t think about it because you want to know what really happened," said Robert LeBlanc, who owns a restaurant in the area.

Police have not identified the victim or provided any details about her.

There’s no word on possible charges.

A white truck was towed from the intersection Friday afternoon.