OTTAWA -- Ottawa's integrity commission has terminated his inquiry into the leak of a confidential city memo following coun. Tim Tierney's admission he sent the memo to a journalist.

On May 27, council voted to ask the integrity commissioner to investigate whether a member of council released a memo on the $362 million lawsuit launched by the city over the Rideau Street sinkhole.

On June 9, Tierney admitted he breached council's code of conduct by forwarding the memo to a reporter.

"I want council to understand that I take full responsibility, but I also want them to know that it was due to the carelessness on my part and it was not an intentional breach of council confidentiality,' Tierney said.

Tierney said he "inadvertently" forwarded the memo to a reporter in a bundle of documents he sent on an unrelated issue.

Council unanimously accepted a motion to accept Tierney's apology and recommend the integrity commissioner stop the investigation.

"I have considered coun. Tierney’s public admission and apology as well as Council’s request that I cease my investigation into the matter," said Robert Marleau in a memo to council.

"By invoking my authority under Section 7 of the Formal Complaint Procedure, I have decided to terminate the investigation. I consider the matter closed."