A coroner's inquest is hearing from a member of the Ontario Provincial Police about the response to the murders of three women in the Ottawa Valley on the same day in September 2015.

Basil Borutski, who had a known history of violence against women, killed Carol Culleton, Nathalie Warmerdam and Anastasia Kuzyk on their properties within the span of one hour on that day.

Derek Needham was the OPP critical incident commander responsible for responding to the events that unfolded and says the OPP received two 911 calls within a matter of minutes that morning.

Needham says it was after the second call came in that they were able to make the connection that Kuzyk and Warmerdam were both victims of a man with past domestic violence offences, and that there was a possibility of more victims.

The inquest is exploring the circumstances of the women's deaths and considering ways to better protect victims of intimate partner violence, particularly in rural communities.

It's expected to hear from approximately 30 witnesses.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 15, 2022.