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Here's where Ottawa's new photo radar cameras are going to go

Photo radar

The city of Ottawa has released a list of where new photo radar cameras are going to be installed this year.

The city says it plans to install 23 new cameras this year, bringing the total to 40 by the end of 2023. Six of the cameras were supposed to have been installed in 2022, but the city said delays linked to construction industry-related labour strikes and shortages pushed the work to this spring.

Of the 23 cameras set to be installed this year, 17 are near schools. The city says the locations chosen for the cameras was based on a "data-driven approach" that factored in compliance with the speed limit in the area, the number of speeders, as well as the activity of students.

Two new cameras are near parks, and four are being placed along higher-speed roads—Hunt Club, Walkley and Montreal roads and King Edward Avenue—to test their effectiveness at reducing street racing.

Five locations, including the four high-speed road locations, are pending a review by Hydro Ottawa to ensure the appropriate on-site power requirements are present.

The 17 existing automated speed enforcement cameras set up in community safety zones near schools across the city of Ottawa issued 127,939 speeding tickets in 2022.

Traffic Services Director Phil Landry says the program is not intended to be a cash grab.

"At the end of the day, the goal is to not speed," Landry said.

"This program isn’t meant to generate millions of dollars of revenue but unfortunately people are still speeding. So we want to ensure those folks change their behaviours and the cameras have shown to change behaviours with reduction in speeds."

Coun. Tim Tierney, who chairs the Transportation Committee, says councillors are "begging" for photo radar cameras to be installed.

"The money goes back into making our streets safer so this isn’t going back into our general revenues this is making streets safer and that’s what the goal of this whole program is."

Here is where the new cameras will go and which school or park they'll be near:


  1. Jeanne D'Arc Boulevard N. from Paddler Way/Vorlage Drive to Orleans Boulevard (Terry Fox Elementary School
  2. Cedarview Road from Fallowfield Road to 217 m S. of Fallowfield Road (Cedarview Middle School)
  3. Cambrian Road from Greenbank Road to Kilbirnie Drive (Saint Cecilia School)
  4. Woodroffe Avenue from Anthony Avenue to Saville Row (Woodroffe Avenue Public School)
  5. Riverside Drive from Mooney's Bay Pl. to Ridgewood Avenue (Mooney's Bay Park)
  6. First Avenue from Chrysler Street to Percy Street (Glebe Collegiate Institute)
  7. Heron Road from Finn Court to Baycrest Drive (Queen of Angels Adult High School)
  8. Portobello Boulevard from Capreol Street/Martello Drive to Aquaview Drive (Avalon Public School- École élémentaire public Des Sentiers)
  9. Spratt Road from Canyon Walk Drive to Shoreline Drive (Saint Jerome School- Steve MacLean Public School- École élémentaire catholique Bernard-Grandmaître)
  10. Kelly Farm Drive from Shepody Circle to Findlay Creek Drive (Vimy Ridge Public School)
  11. Stonehaven Drive from Bridle Park Drive to Tandalee Crescent (Saint Anne School- École élémentaire catholique Élisabeth-Bruyère- Roch Carrier Elementary School)
  12. Berrigan Drive from Croxley Way to Claridge Drive (Berrigan Elementary School- Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School)


  1. Hunt Club Road from Lorry Greenberg Drive to Pike Street (High speed location - posted speed limit is between 50 to 70 km/hr and proportion of high-end speeders is high)
  2. Walkley Road from Harding Road to Halifax Drive (High speed location - low percent of speed limit compliance and pedestrians have a high modal share.)
  3. Montreal Road from Ogilvie Road to Foxborough Priv./Bethamy Lane (High speed location - posted speed limit is between 50 to 70 km/hr and proportion of high-end speeders is high)
  4. King Edward Avenue from Cathcart Street to St. Patrick Street (High speed location - low percent of speed limit compliance and pedestrians have a high modal share.)
  5. Bronson Avenue from University Drive/Sunnyside Avenue to Brewer Way (Near Brewer Park)


  1. Greenbank Road from Jockvale Road to Half Moon Bay Road (Saint Joseph High School)
  2. Stittsville Main Street from Bandelier Way to Hazeldean Road (Saint Stephen School)
  3. Woodroffe Avenue from Georgina Drive to Highway 417 (D. Roy Kennedy Public School)
  4. Bridgestone Drive from Sunnybrooke Drive to Granite Court (Maurice-Lapointe Public Elementary School)
  5. Chapman Mills Drive from Beatrice Drive to Meadgate Gate (Saint Emily School- Jean-Robert-Gauthier Catholic Elementary School- Chapman Mills Public School)
  6. Crestway Drive from Oldfield Street to Hathaway Drive (Saint Andrew School)


  1. St. Laurent Boulevard between Noranda Avenue and Clarke Avenue
  2. Ogilvie Road between Appleford Street and Elmlea Gate
  3. Katimavik Road between Castlefrank Road and McGibbon Drive
  4. Bayshore Drive near 50 Bayshore Drive
  5. Smyth Road between Haig Drive and Edgecomb Street
  6. Greenbank Road between Harrison Street and Banner Road
  7. Alta Vista Drive between Ayers Avenue and Ridgemont Avenue
  8. Meadowlands Drive West between Winthrow Avenue and Thatcher Street
  9. Longfields Drive between Highbury Park Drive and Via Verona Avenue
  10. Fisher Avenue between Deer Park Road and Kintyre Private
  11. Bearbrook Road between Centrepark Drive and Innes Road
  12. Abbott Street East between Moss Hill Trail and Shea Road
  13. Innes Road between Provence Avenue and Trim Road
  14. Watters Drive between Charlemagne Boulevard and Roberval Avenue
  15. Kanata Avenue between Goulbourn Forced Road and Walden Drive
  16. Tenth Line Road between Amiens Street and Des Epinettes Avenue
  17. Abbeyhill Drive between Aldburn Place and Sherwood Street

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