OTTAWA -- Gatineau Police are taking a zero tolerance approach to alcohol consumption and disorder at a popular Aylmer beach this summer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officers will be increasing patrols at crowded places, particularly the Aylmer Marina and Parc des Cedres.

In a statement, police say there will be zero tolerance for disorder and alcohol consumption at the popular area this summer.  It's a $200 fine plus fees if you are caught consuming alcohol in a public place in Gatineau.

In May, police stepped up patrols at the Aylmer Marina and Parc des Cedres after hundreds of people packed the popular beach as temperatures warmed up. There were several complaints about visitors to the park not respecting physical distancing measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police say an initial approach to educate the public about physical distancing and no consuming alcohol at the beach "did not have the desired effect," and officers will now issue tickets for alcohol consumption in a public place.