OTTAWA -- A G2 driver going 64 km/h over the speed limit on Bronson Avenue will be spending the long weekend without a vehicle after being stopped for stunt driving.

Ottawa police issued 28 charges as part of Project NoiseMaker Friday night, including three tickets for stunt driving.

Police say an officer observed the G2 driver going 124 km/h on Bronson Avenue near Brewer Park. The speed limit is 60 kilometres an hour on Bronson Avenue.

In Ottawa's south end, a driver was stopped going 138 km/h on Woodroffe Avenue at Grenville Crescent. The speed limit is 80 km/h.

The third stunt driving charge was issued to a 20-year-old driver observed by police going 160 km/h on Highway 417 at Maitland.

The roadside penalty for stunt driving is now a seven-day licence suspension, and the vehicle is impounded for 14 days. The previous roadside vehicle impoundment was seven days.

Starting in September, Ottawa police say the roadside penalty for stunt driving increases to an automatic 30-day licence suspension.