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Cooler temperatures on the way for Ottawa after hot streak


After a streak of warmer than average days in Ottawa, the temperature is expected to start plummeting.

Environment Canada's weather forecast for the capital calls for a steady drop in temperature through the day, down to around 11 C Saturday afternoon, after hitting 18 C early in the morning. More clouds are expected to cover the sky as the day progresses.

The typical high for this time of year is around 9 or 10 C. Friday saw a high of 20 C.

The temperature will keep dropping overnight to a low of 1 C, which is right around the normal low for this time of year. It should be partly cloudy.

Sunday's forecast is cloudy with a high of 6 C. Sunday night could see showers or possibly flurries with a low of 1 C.

Monday's outlook is cloudy with a chance of showers and a high of 6 C. Monday night's low is -5 C, the coldest temperature so far this season.

Sunshine is back in the forecast for Tuesday, but the forecast high is a mere 3 C. Top Stories

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