Consumers are raising some unsettling questions about a California company that told customers they could download up to 2,500 songs per month for just $25.

CTV Ottawa ran a story on Friday about Zaptunes after the company announced it had $5 million in funding and was opening up its website for people to register.

The company told CTV Ottawa it had signed agreements with music companies and all was in place.

However, in the past 24 hours a few stories have been posted online raising questions about the company, including how Zaptunes could offer legal downloads of Beatles songs, which have never been approved by copyright holders.

Buried in the fine print was a notice that Zaptunes does not actually provide any music. Rather, it links a client to sites where the song can be downloaded.

So far, the company has not responded to additional questions from CTV.

An Ottawa consumer contacted CTV this week to say he signed up for the service two days ago with a credit card and has heard nothing from the company.