Construction is underway on the Max Keeping Pedestrian Bridge to address "post-construction deficiencies", seven years after it opened in Ottawa's east end.

The $12 million cycling and pedestrian bridge over the Queensway connects the Ottawa Baseball Stadium with the VIA Rail Station and Tremblay O-Train Station.

"Deficiency work is normal and expected for construction projects,” says Ottawa’s Director of Infrastructure Services Carina Duclos. Workers have been repairing the bridge over the last month, focusing on the south end near Tremblay Road. 

"Work includes sealant repairs to glass windows, installation of waterproof insulation at a few locations inside the bridge structure, touch ups to the steel structure and minor repairs to south west abutment (where the structure meets the ground)," Duclos says in a statement to CTV News. 

The cycling and pedestrian bridge, originally known as the Coventry pedestrian and cycling bridge, opened in February 2015. It was renamed after former CJOH anchor Max Keeping in 2016.

Duclos says the budget to address the post-construction deficiencies is approximately $430,000, adding the work is not covered under the construction warranty.

"The bridge is safe for use and will remain open," Bruce Kenny, Manager – Design and Construction, says, describing working as addressing "post-construction deficiencies" following construction.

"The work is expected to be completed by the end of June.”