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City of Ottawa looking for feedback on how to save money

City of Ottawa, City Hall

The City of Ottawa is asking residents to make suggestions on how they can save money on city projects.

The new campaign launched by Engage Ottawa is asking residents for innovative ideas on city services or how they can be more cost-effective.

Residents can submit their ideas in an online forum.

In an email to residents, the city launched its new engagement initiative under the theme of 'a city that has affordable housing and is more livable for all.'

"Do you have any ideas on how the city can save money while improving services?" the letter to residents said.

"It's your city and your ideas."

The city says it won't be able to respond to each individual suggestion but every idea will be reviewed.

"We have already started improving services and finding more effective ways of working to help create a city that has affordable housing and that is more liveable for all," Engage Ottawa said.

"But we know there is more that can be done." Top Stories


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