According to a new survey, more Canadians are crossing the border for cheaper airline tickets.

The survey by the Hotel Association of Canada finds half of all Canadian travellers have flown out of the U.S. or plan to do so this year.

Last year, close to five million Canadians crossed the border for cheaper flights.

They’re finding it easier on their wallets to drive to border city airports including in Buffalo, Plattsburgh, Massena, and Syracuse.

“Sometimes if you get a comparatively good price, via those cities, via the states, I would vow to do that,” said traveller Pardeep Gill.

“You don’t want to take a long drive if you’re saving nothing,” said traveller Ramzi Yssine. “If you’re saving a lot, let’s say $1000, yes, I would go.”

Still other travellers say making a pre-flight drive to the States say it’s risky.

“One thing I’m really worried about it is not to miss the flight,” said Farhan Nur. “If there’s a snow storm, or any storm that happens, that would delay my flight.”

The Hotel Association said 61% of respondents said they knew someone who had flown out of the U.S. for cheaper tickets in 2012.