Starting next month, two major Canadian phone companies will start charging cell phone users who don't have text messaging plans for all incoming text messages they receive, including spam.

Cell phone carrier giants Bell and Telus recently announced they will start charging users for every incoming text. Currently, both companies only charge customers when they send a message.

"That blows! They already charge us way too much. I'm paying $100 of a cell phone bill that's supposed to be 30 bucks a month," said college student Stefan Noorthoek.

Bell Mobility plans to rollout its new fees on Aug. 8. Telus Mobility, meanwhile, is set to implement similar charges Aug. 24.

The new fees only apply if users don't have a text messaging bundle as part of their cell phone plan.

A Bell spokesperson says the new charges are necessary in order for the company to stay competitive in the wireless market, adding that clients can purchase cell phone bundles to avoid any unwanted fees. Telus could not be reached for comment.

According to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, Canadians send more than 45 million text messages each day.

"I use probably about 30 to 50 texts a day and a lot of those are incoming so that adds up in a hurry," said one cell phone user.

"Everyone messages everyone - it's the new way of talking. It's like MSN but it's on your phone," said Noorthoek.

The new charges have left many consumers angry because they'll be forced to pay for text messages they cannot control.

"You can't stop people from sending you text messages so it's a little out of hand," one Ottawa resident told CTV Ottawa.

For those concerned about a recent influx in spam messages, a spokesperson for Bell told CTV Ottawa clients can call customer service to have spam texts removed from their accounts.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Jonathan Rotondo