OTTAWA -- For more than a year and a half, the ace of spades has remained hidden in the Kin Club of Russell’s Catch the Ace fundraiser lottery.

The fundraiser for six local charities began before the start of the pandemic and had to be put on pause three times due to stay-at-home orders and lockdowns. It is now back up and running and the growing jackpot sits at $400,000 dollars.

“It is all anyone is talking about—Catch the Ace! This lottery has taken the entire township and the entire province by storm,” says Doug Anthony with the Kin Club of Russell.

Each week, one person’s name is drawn from the drum, and they win the weekly prize. If they picked the envelope in the secure case with the ace of spades, they also win the grand prize. Of the deck of 52 cards, seven remain.

“With only seven cards remaining, this is the best deal in town,” says Anthony.

Anthony says people all over Ontario, including Toronto, are buying tickets.

The lottery has so far raised $600,000 dollars for charities in the area including the Winchester District Memorial Hospital, Osgoode Care Centre, and Breast Cancer Action.

Russell Township Mayor Pierre Leroux says, “It just shows the amount of community spirit we have here, and I think it is a testament to all the residents that when we need to pull together, we pull together.”

The draw takes place at 3:15 p.m. Sunday in Russell and can watched live on the Russell Kin Club’s Facebook page.

Visit for more information and to purchase online tickets.