Canadians are making good on promises to donate their Loblaw’s gift cards to local food banks.

In the capital, the Ottawa Food Bank has received more than 40 cards, the Parkdale Food Centre has been given 20, and the Ottawa Mission has received two.

“So far we’ve received just over $1000 worth of gift cards,” said Michael Maidment, the Executive Director for the Ottawa Food Bank.

Following a price-fixing scandal on bread, Loblaw had offered Canadians a free $25 gift card. Online, many suggested people sign up to donate the cards to those in need.

Maidment says people have also been making cash donations in lieu of the card. The Ottawa Food Bank can then use that money to buy in bulk – stretching each dollar.

At the Parkdale Food Centre, organizers say they will actually take the gift card right to the store to pick up food for their donation pantry, as well as ingredients for the free meals they serve each week.

“It’s been also an opportunity for people to come see what we’re doing, and it’s meant that we spend less money on our grocery bill every month.” said Alissa Campbell, with Parkdale Food Centre.

“We have an almost $10-thousand dollar grocery bill every month and those cards are making a little dent in that,” said Alissa Campbell, with Parkdale Food Centre.”

Loblaw estimates up to $150 million worth in gift cards will be given to customers.