A Brockville man is facing an assault charge over an apparent falling out with a longtime friend.

Brockville police say the two friends were drinking together at a home on Church Street last Tuesday afternoon. As it was getting late, the homeowner decided it was time for his friend to leave. This led to a confrontation, police said.

"His 42-year-old friend became agitated that he was being asked to leave and an argument ensued. It escalated to the point that the 42-year-old male struck the victim in the face multiple times and also strangled him for a short period," the police said.

It's not stated what words were exchanged beyond being asked to leave. 

The victim did seek medical attention and his injuries are not considered life-threatening.

The accused, who was not named by the Brockville police, was found and arrested about two and a half hours after the initial call.

The current status of their friendship is unknown.