The messiest snowstorm the capital's faced in months hit hard Sunday.

Police responded to cars and trucks slipping and sliding in snow and slush, some cars, they said, ended up in ditches in the east-end of the city.

“Driving has been dicey.” said driver Malca McLean, who was rear-ended downtown.

“It was just down the street. We are from the south end. So just coming up Sussex... Slow speeds!”

Nobody was injured in the crash, McLean said.

Ontario Provincial Police shut down highway 401 westbound for several hours after a tow plow truck went off the road, said Sergeant Cynthia Savard.

“We had a tow plow that ended up in a ditch so vehicles were trying to avoid the back of the plow and the drivers lost control.” according to Savard.

 City crews played catch-up, clearing main roads and city highways.

“This is definitely our biggest storm of the season, staff are ready and they’re excited when we get this much snow so they can get out and show everyone we’re out there working safely and help residents of Ottawa get around the city.” said Bryden Denyes, Area Manager of core roads with City of Ottawa.

“We have a range, all across the city of 12 to 25 centimetres.” said Denyes. “Now we’re dealing with blowing snow.”

Plow companies in the east-end were happy to see significant amounts of snowfall.

"I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs.” said Nicholas Thibault. “Now this stuff, I can’t believe it though! It’s unbelievable. It’s nice though, money falling from the sky.”