A benefit concert was held Saturday in Gatineau to raise funds for flood relief.

More than 50 local artists will perform at the pub Lance et Compte on avenue de Gatineau.

The idea came from headlining band FLASHBACK.

Musician Ron Pitre says 100% for those proceeds going directly to the Red Cross fund “to help victims hit in worst flood in over 100 years.”

Pitre “Everybody wants to help their neighbour, help their friends and see what we can do and do it in a positive way.”

The owner of Lance et Compte Luc Lafontaine is also donating 10% of sales to the cause, donations are also accepted on site. 

Many of musicians have been impacted by the spring floods. Including guitarist Danny Thisdelle who lost his home, “Even when you are in the floods you want to help in any way,”

The concert goes until 2am.