The season hasn’t started yet and already the Ottawa Senators are number one.

Or number three… or number nine… depending on how you read a new list published today.

ESPN’s Ultimate Team Ranking looks at every NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB team in North America. It ranks the 122 teams in a variety of categories, including affordability, “bang for the buck,” coaching, players, stadium experience, and more.

This year the Ottawa Senators ranked as the number one pro sports franchise in Canada. They are number three in the NHL, and number nine overall.

The team ranked highest in the “bang for the buck” category, comparing how much the team costs relative to how well it performs. The Sens also compare favourably in affordability – the cost of tickets, concessions, parking, etc. “It’s not just the price of tickets. It’s what they get for that. They get a great stadium experience and a top quality team to watch game in and game out,” says Sens President Cyril Leeder.”

Having NHL Coach of the Year Paul MacLean doesn’t hurt either. And the team ranked ahead of the curve in player likeability. “We work hard to be involved and to be present in the community. So it’s a nice feather in the cap for the team for sure,” adds team captain, Jason Spezza.

The news wasn’t as good for other Canadian teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs ranked 119th overall. And as far as “bang for the buck” goes, the Leafs were dead last.

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