Members from different religions gathered Sunday night at Knox Presbyterian Church for an Interfaith Remembrance Service. The service commemorated the one year anniversary of the shooting at the Quebec City Mosque.

On January 29th 2017, a shooter entered the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec City and killed six while injuring 19 others, five seriously.

The one-year anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shooting is being commemorated over a period of four days, ending on Monday.

“People were shocked last year to think that something like this could happen in Canada,” says Pastor Jim Pot from Knox Presbyterian Church. “But the reality is that it did. We need to do everything possible to speak out against that and the best way to do that is together.”

The church has a special connection with the Muslim community. They offer a room for Friday prayers every week. Pot says last year, members of his congregation wanted to reach out and help.

The event includes presentations by representatives of the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist faiths, along with a declaration about combatting hate and bigotry in Canada.


Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton is speaking on behalf of the Jewish community.For Jews who know that kind of violence that kind of horrid expression of hatred…To remain silence in effect is to be complacent. To me this is what never again means.”

Mayor Jim Watson has declared Monday a day of remembrance and action against hate and bigotry. A memorial ceremony will take place at City Hall.  People will have the opportunity to send messages of condolence.

A vigil will also be held Monday night at the Humans Rights Monument on Elgin Street.