Passengers on an Air Transat flight that was stranded for hours at the Ottawa International Airport have been offered compensation by the airline. 

Passengers on Air Transat flight 157 from Brussels to Montreal, have been offered $400 each by the airline.

News of the compensation comes exactly one week after the international airline was forced to explain why passengers on two divereted flights, one from Brussels and one from Rome, spent six hours on the tarmac on July 31.

"Whatever the reasons, we are aware of the particularly difficult circumstances experienced by our passengers on board Flight TS157, deprived of air conditioning for more than an hour," Air Transat spokeswoman Debbie Cabana said in an email. "I can confirm that we have therefore offered monetary compensation ($400) as a gesture of good faith that shows our empathy."

"We extend our sincerest apologies for the unpleasantness they experienced during this unfortunate incident."

The Canadian Transportation Agency has launched an inquiry into delays. The public inquiry is scheduled  to be held on August 30 and 31, 2017.


“Air Transat has submitted a reply to the CTA. The CTA will now review Air Transat's submission and determine the next steps of the inquiry process,” said Martine Maltais, media relations for Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA).

Flight 157 was heading from Brussels to Montreal when it was rerouted for Ottawa due to weather. Passengers had already flown eight hours before becoming stranded on the tarmac.

Desperate for help, one passenger phoned 911 after roughly four hours stuck on the plane.

CTV News Ottawa obtained the call between the dispatcher and paramedics from July 31, 2017.

“It looks like it’s a citizen calling from that flight,” the dispatcher said. “There’s about 100 people at this time not feeling well, they’re drowsy, confused… Some are complaining about severe pain, others are complaining about cold sweats,” she continued.

Passengers complained there was no food offered during the delay, and limited water.

Ottawa Paramedics did attend the scene. One person was assessed.

Six hours later the flight continued on to Montreal. Air Transat is being asked to explain what took so long.

In a statement, the union representing Air Transat’s flight attendants wrote “our crew members acted in a prompt and professional manner… I am proud of the conduct exercised by the hard working members,” said Charlie Ezerzer, president of local 4047.   

The investigation is ongoing.