It was a wild ride on OC Transpo that has everyone saying, "awwww."

OC Transpo staff was surprised to find a fox peacefully sleeping in the back of a bus at the maintenance garage on Industrial Ave.

Employees couldn't help but snap a couple of pictures of the adorable encounter, early Sunday morning.

"The bus was parked outside and he just went to the back and decided to take a little nap," says Jim Greer, OC Transpo Maintenance manager.

The transit company was happy to confirm on Twitter the sleepy stowaway had left without incident.

"Fox snuck onto bus while it was parked at a garage for regular maintenance - fox left on its own following nap," the tweet read.

The Ottawa Humane Society had been called to the scene, but the fox took flight on its own.

The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary says humans and foxes co-exist on a daily basis. While the fox is afraid of humans, it is naturally curious and likely enjoyed the quiet place to rest.

"If it got on the bus and thought that the seat was comfortable and decided to have a nap overnight that's ok," says Heather Badenoch of the Sanctuary.

Badenoch says from the pictures the fox showed no signs of illness. It's not only healthy but now well-rested as well.

Greer says he hopes the fox comes by for another sleepover.

"Everybody is just kind of looking out for it. We're going to be keeping our eyes open around the yard," he says.

With a report from CTV's John Hua.