OTTAWA -- Barbara Wright has been an avid golfer for more than three decades.

“I love to play golf. I started when I left work at age 58,” she said.

Even in her golden years—she’ll be 92-years-old on Sept. 11—Wright plays nine holes three times a week at Falcon Ridge Golf Club in Gloucester.

Barbara Wright

“I can still hit the ball. Not as far as some, but I can still hit it.”

Wright’s most recent game was more memorable than most.

“It was fantastic,” said Wright’s daughter, Heather Mitchell.

Playing with her daughter, a swing of Wright’s club led to golfing glory.

“A hole-in-one,” laughed Wright.

It happened on “Raceview 8”; typically Wright’s most dreaded hole where she often ends up in the sand or other nearby course hazards.

“She picked up her nine wood, went up to the tee, and hit first and the first thing out of her mouth was I cleared the sand,” said Mitchell.

“And it took two bounces and it went in the hole. That’s how we got it,” said Wright.

“It was chaos. Everyone was running around like we won the lottery,” said Mitchell.

“I couldn’t believe,” said Wright.

Barbara Wright Heather Mitchell

News of the hole-in-one quickly rolled through Falcon Ridge.

“Boy we were really excited yesterday when she came out with a glow on after getting that hole-in-one,” said Steve Spratt, an owner of Falcon Ridge Golf Club.

“The patio went crazy when she came in.”

While this is Wright’s first hole-in-one at Falcon Ridge, she actually has done it before at two other Golf Courses in Florida.

“I have one in Treasure Island in Florida and one in Lakeland in Florida and they were all par threes,” she said.

And holes-in-one seem to run in the family. Wright’s daughter Heather got one her first year playing golf.

“I banked it in off a tree. Not quite as glamorous as Mom, but I’ll take it,” said Mitchell.

Barbara Wright isn’t ruling out future holes-in-one.

“You never know,” she said.

Still, she’ll be happy if she can just keep on playing.

“I might give you a call when I’m 95,” she laughs.